Davisville Grounds

Since 1988 the owner Toby Nickerson has been the host of this ever growing Flea Market. It started out as just a couple people with a passion for selling knick knacks and as it is a New England weekend tradition to yard sale and peruse flea markets, it quickly caught on as a new place. It has since grown into what you see today. Adding a concession stand some years later and now recently adding live music have been just a small part of what this flea market has to offer. We have been working on finding new things to add to our flourishing market. We hope to bring to the new front lot a local market for farmers, artist, and musicians. Behind that is a large amphitheater type area around a small pond that we are turning into an outdoor events grounds and music venue! 

Come to see what you can find and or sell to fulfill your antiquing, collectibles and knick knack addictions.

For guests it is free of charge and has free parking. 

The concession stand is where you can get some delicious foods Such as; breakfast sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, chicken fingers, fries and many other tasty treats like home made donuts, and ice cold beverages [delivery for vendors] and much more to enjoy while you buy and sell. 

Right next to the concession stand is where the front stage is. This is where we show case the local musicians during the flea market. If you like their music don’t forget to tip them! Even if you don’t like their music, tip them anyway cus they are working hard too! 

a picture of Toby Nickerson at the Davisville Flea Market in Warner New Hampshire 03278
A picture of a hot air balloon taking off from the Davisville Flea Market in Warner New Hampshire 03278
a picture of the vendors at the Davisville Flea Market in Warner New Hampshire 03278
The Davisville Flea Market Logo Warner New Hampshire 03278