Since 1988

            Davisville Flea Market is
hosted by Toby Nickerson. He has
kept it free of charge and continues
to have free parking for all guests.
            For vendors its only a $20
charge for about a 15 foot by 25 foot
lot which is first come first serve.
            So come early to fore fill your
antiquing and nick knack addiction
and come earlier for setup and
getting that great spot!


Exit 7 east off i89
805 Route 103 East
Warner, NH 03278

For directions click HERE!


1.] Wine and beer fest? 
2.] Music Festival?
3.] Barn Sale opening soon (TBA)
4.] WiFi?
5.] Tell us what you would like to see!

The grounds are completely open and it is a very friendly easy going environment. As a vendor you can choose any location you like on the flea market grounds to sell.

There are no reservations with us and it is first come first serve, so you can show up whenever you like (some vendors show up as early as 4am or even the night before). For $20 (cash only, subject to change) you get roughly a 15 foot by 25 foot section. You can park where you vend.

You are responsible for your own setup (i.e. tables, tents, and chairs) as we do not offer any for rent at this time. You are also responsible for cleaning up your own area when you leave.

   Within reason you are allowed to sell anything you like here. We ask that you do not sell anything stolen, illegal, or harmful, while you are here. The only other thing is that as we already have a concession stand so we ask that no one comes to sell their onsite cooking or beverages. However we are all too happy to have anyone sell their pre-made goodies such as cakes, pies, fruits, veggies, breads and the like.   

The owner Toby Nickerson (“the rent collector”) walks the flea market to collect from vendors. Come earlier to set up and get that great spot!

That is all there is to it. Should you have any addition questions or concerns feel free to contact us anytime.


Learn more about the Davisville Flea Marketand its host Toby Nickerson.

Toby Nickerson is the host of Davisville Flea Market and the owner of the grounds. He has been hosting this flea market since 1988. He has